What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic Hydrotherapy at Aria Healthcare is a method of cleansing the colon by using specialised equipment, disposable nozzles, purified warm water and abdominal massage giving the colon a thorough cleanse. This results in a rapid detox. The system used is fully enclosed and odour free.

Why have a colonic?

To feel better. Digestion slows down by eating wrong food combinations, or unsuitable food, by stress, or emotional upset, and drinking too little fluids. Every time this happens there will be some retention in the colon. A colonic hydrotherapy treatment can help reverse this process, improving your overall sense of well-being from toxic to healthy, giving you a clearer mind and improved energy.

How do we become toxic?

Over time the colon [or large intestine] becomes clogged with layers of gas, sticky, old mucus and sometimes old, hard faeces, and accumulates a build up of mould, just like a dirty filter. Through exposure to body heat and the constant drawing of water away from the colon to surrounding tissues, these layers harden, inhibiting the muscular [peristaltic] action of the colon causing sluggish bowel movement and constipation. We then don’t fully benefit from all of the nutrients we have eaten and digested, our natural repair is affected and organs over-worked.

The lymph system is heavily dependent on the colon and kidneys, as the wastes accumulated within the body, dead cells etc. are emptied here. When the colon is constipated and dry and laden with food waste, the lymph system itself is forced to become waste storage instead of moving waste to the colon for disposal and uric acid crystals begin to accumulate causing pain.

At first the wastes are held around the abdomen. Then as the quantity of waste increases some is pushed towards the feet and lower legs. When the feet and lower legs cannot store more waste it is allowed to accumulate around the hips and waist, then back, chest and arms, and eventually face and neck and scalp.

Sometimes if the wastes are clogging the lymph system for too long, the body will push waste to the skin surface as spots, boils, eczema, psoriasis, or ulcers.

The lymph has another important role as the immune system’s first responder, carrying white blood cells around the body. If it starts to clog with body waste, our immune response time is greatly impaired. Eventually the wastes become toxic and cannot be contained, they begin to leak into the blood stream forcing the liver to work harder to mop up and filter out the toxins into its own tissue to keep the other organs safe. By the time we notice feeling unwell, retaining water / weight gain, tired, irritable, food intolerences appear that may lead to bloating, auto immune symptoms, even feeling depressed, the body has been trying to cope for a long time, we only notice when it can no longer cope.

How do I know if I need a treatment?

Common signs of toxicity include constipation, headaches, backaches, bad breath, body odour, fatigue, irritability, confusion, skin problems, joint aches and pains, abdominal gas, bloating, diarrhoea. Two or more of these symptoms may indicate toxicity.

How effective is a colonic?

It is particularly useful for health maintenance, improving the effectiveness of the immune system and for the prevention of various disease, or to kick start weight loss or detox diets. The first treatment starts a detoxification process which takes six weeks to complete. It is therefore important to have follow up treatment during that time and to modify your eating and fluid intake. This will support the cleansing process and prevent you from feeling ‘toxic’.

Is it embarrassing?

No, you will be fully covered during treatment. You will be in a private treatment room with its own ensuite bathroom with only you and your therapist who will behave in a professional manner to ensure your comfort and protect your modesty and dignity.

Can anyone have a colonic?

Yes, providing that you do not suffer from abdominal hernia, active anal fissure or fistula, bowel perforation, cancer, heart, kidney, liver or gall bladder disease, severe haemorrhoids or blood pressure exceeding 160/100. From September 2013 A.R.C.H. the UK professional body governing colonic, of which I am a member, no longer recommend colonic treatment during pregnancy.

Would you like to know more?

Check out the FAQs section of the A.R.C.H. website