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Colonic Irrigation at Aria Healthcare is used to create a cleanse with the gentle application of water, cleansing / soothing herbs, pre-biotic infusions and specialised abdominal massage. Having a healthy colon means a flatter tummy, better skin and fast detox. Client dignity, care and comfort is paramount.

Introductory Session: 90 mins / €99

Follow Up Session: 60 mins / €90

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What to expect

At Aria Healthcare, sessions are designed to be relaxing, soothing and ultimately energising.

This is achieved by using a closed system with abdominal massage and adapting to each clients’ most comfortable or beneficial water temperature, rate of flow of purified water and most suitable herbal infusions.

The session is timed, includes specialised abdominal massage and the infusion of herbs, coffee etc are possible.

Closed System Colonic Irrigation

This is the gold standard for colonic irrigation treatment for client comfort and safety. It requires investment and training in the best designed, hygienic and sanitary, fit for purpose equipment.

The water temperature can be kept constant or varied from warm to cool as best suits the clients’ comfort. During the session the temperature is very closely controlled, and in seconds can be adjusted to warmer or cooler temperature.

There is an in-built safety shut down for water pressure and temperature. If the water temperature is cooler or hotter than the precise safe limits – the water flow is immediately shut down and will not restart until a constant safe temperature is restored.

The closed system has a fully enclosed waste outlet to contain odours and harmful bacteria. For your health and safety this system also has built in water sanitisation using both UV and the finest micro filtration to cleanse the water used in session and has built in disinfection fluid to clean the waste outlet after every session.

The safety shut down also activates if water pressure reaches its maximum safe limit and will not restart until the pressure lowers to a constant safe level.

These safety features ensure client comfort and allows the therapist to stay focused on the clients’ well-being while the wastes are easy to monitor and assess in a closed and odour free environment.

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